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Junior Member - Below Chef de Partie (First-time applicant)
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Dec 31st
This membership is for individuals only

Junior Members are practicing chefs below the rank of Chef-de-partie, and who are applying for the first time.

Annual Subscription Fee – $100.00

Application fee - $20 (waived)

Membership starts 1st January and ends 31st December. There will be no pro-rate given should an applicant join after the beginning of the year.

Approval of application for membership shall be at the sole and absolute discretion of SCA.

Valid proof of professional employment or studies must be presented at the time of membership application.

Your membership is personal and strictly non-transferrable. You must NOT allow, under any circumstances, any other person to use your membership in any way. Your membership may be suspended, should this be breached.


A grace period of 15 Days is given for renewal for membership. Should a member fail to renew his/her membership by the end of the grace period, an Application Fee of $20 will be charge for applying for the membership again thereafter. For such re-applicants, please select: Junior Member - Below Chef-de-partie .

Worldchefs X SCA Digital Badge

In collaboration with Worldchefs will have the privilege of receiving a digital badge issued by Worldchefs, signifying your membership with Singapore Chefs' Association and Worldchefs. Do look out for an email from Worldchefs / Credly (digital credentials platform) on how to activate your digital badge.

Applications are reminded to use their Personal email address (instead of work email address) when registering for Membership.

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S$100 / 1 year
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Membership Refund Policy

1. All payment made is strictly non-refundable.
2. No refunds will be provided if a user chooses the wrong category by mistake during sign-up (eg. Active member, instead of Active Member - First time applicant).
2. Members using the Automatic Renewal / Automatic Recurring Payment function may choose to stop Auto Renewal function or change Credit Card through their membership profile. No refund will be provided once credit card has been charged on day of Auto Renewal.
3. Refunds will not be provided for membership subscription cancellations, any un-used of membership benefits and privileges, suspension or "freezing" of membership, or any other circumstances.
4. You will be considered a new applicant if your your membership subscription expires and is not renewed within the grace period.