About Us

The Singapore Chefs’ Association (SCA) is a professional association whose objective is to group together culinary professionals in order to:

- Promote, foster and encourage the culinary art and related studies, to create awareness on the importance of Singapore providing a talented pipeline of professionally accomplished culinary personnel;

- Raise awareness and profile of the culinary profession in Singapore, and improve culinary standards;

- Sponsor professional exchanges of personnel scholarships and international culinary competitions like the Expogast Culinary World Cup and IKA Culinary Olympics;

- Be a major influence in the training and recruiting of young personnel to increase professional standards within the industry in Singapore by working with various related professional bodies and educational establishments on training courses, apprenticeship schemes and related vocational links

SCA is a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) and is recognised as the official body representing chefs in Singapore.